WHat is Rhinoplasty, who can do it, cheapest rhinoplasty

by - September 07, 2020

With nasal aesthetics, the correct angle of the nose and ideal dimensions will mean you will gain a new nose. It is not only a preference in terms of appearance, but also a solution to the breathing problem. Women or men over the age of 18 can benefit from this surgery. 

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed open or closed. The areas most patient candidates complain about are the nasal belt and tip. Especially in our country, nasal arch and tip is the most common reason for consulting a doctor. Apart from this, curvature, nasal roof width, hole width and, apart from the ideal, forehead-nose and lip-nose angles are the areas that are focused during aesthetic surgery. 

Nose surgeries are completely painless. Pre-operative routine examinations and consultations are completed, and the procedure, which takes approximately one and a half hours and is performed under general anesthesia, is performed after the fasting period required for anesthesia. 

Post-operative preventive antibiotherapy and drops are recommended to keep the nose moist. Even pain relief pills are not needed. Ice application and bruise reducing creams are used for possible under-eye bruises. 

Patients coming from outside of Istanbul are required to stay in Istanbul for 1 week before and after the operation. Accordingly, we recommend that they make travel plans.
cheapest rhinoplasty

Every year, tens of thousands of patients from various countries of the world come to our country. Consult us for the cheapest nose aesthetics, rhinoplasty. WHat is Rhinoplasty,  who can do it,  cheapest rhinoplasty

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