Cosmetic surgery Turkey. What is Rhinoplasty? Cosmetic surgery Istanbul Aesthetic center.

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Cosmetic Surgery Turkey

Doesn’t bother me cause I’m going to be asleep during the surgery. Also get a surgeon who specialises in rhinoplasty, so you can trust them even more.

Nose job is the easiest surgery to go thru, you are under a general anesthesia, you wake up and feel no pain at all. the recovery takes about 7 days for the bruises to go away and viola! 

It's actually not too bad graphically. One of the cleanest easiest surgery videos I've ever seen.
why don’t ppl finally accept some ppl need plastic surgery due to a number of reasons like deformity, severe accident etc. If done with a specialist, a good plastic surgeon at a good place such as nose job turkey the outcome is worth it instead of a lifetime of misery!!! Peeps wake up Stop the ignorance! These ppl are put to sleep, you feel Nothin & they can be happier n healthier instead of deformed & depressed. Depression Kills. 

For some reason..I dont feel anything while watching this..I'm desperate to get it done. Dont care what anyone else says. My body my life. I wanna live by my rules.

I had a NJ almost 8 years ago, when I was 16. I only had local anesthesia, so I was awake the whole time. I heard the cracking noises and everything. Honestly, if you really want it there's nothing that will scare you away. I don't regret it. I love my nose. I became more confident.

I had a nose job a few weeks ago. Its still quite swollen and it’s taking time to get used to. Although I don’t regret getting it done Rhinoplasty is a big thing to go through, Make sure you’re mentally prepared for it and make sure that it’s something that will make you happier, maybe have a deeper look into why you have low self image. And Talk to your surgeon thoroughly about what you want and get their opinion too. 

I watched nose jobs before surgery and oh my god, I don’t recommend watching it till after you consider it if you don’t do well with gory kind of stuff you will be put off, I wanted to chicken out but if you honestly have a reputable surgeon you got nothing to worry about.. and honestly I love my nose now but I wish I loved my nose back then because it was also gorgeous, there are bigger things to worry about than the looks of something that helped me breathe.. Unfortunately I was bullied so much I began to hate it and I’ll never forgive that person for how they made me feel about my nose.

If you can't watch this you are definitely not ready to be a surgeon but I don't see why this tip of videos would steer you from having your dream rhinoplasty.. the end result is what matters. It’s ok as long as getting the nose job makes me free of depression I would get 10 nose jobs if I could to get rid of the depression that my nose causes.
Nose Job Turkey

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Cosmetic Surgery Turkey