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Cosmetic Surgery Turkey

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is performed by applying dermal filling to the bridge of the nose. Patients who are not satisfied with the straight nose bridge prefer liquid aesthetics. The application, which creates small changes, is extremely simple and reliable. This surgery, which is the ideal option with its suitability to the face form, is an application that helps to arrange contours for patients who do not want radical changes in the nose. The application is made by injecting liquid into the subcutaneous tissue. We can say that the injection process, which contains hyaluronic acid and other beneficial elements, is the most important development of recent years for those who have a low nose. With this surgery, which is preferred by those with a low nose, a new profile is created in a short time. Since bruising and edema does not occur after liquid aesthetics, it is quickly adapted to social life. 

Who Is Liquid Rhinoplasty For?

Who Is Liquid Aesthetics For? • Those who do not want a radical change in the nose • Those whose nose tip mimic muscles are suitable for working hard • Those who have low nose tip • Those who want a slightly upturned nose • Those who complain about their profile image • Those who do not want surgical intervention • Those who need contour editing • Those who want to breathe comfortably Those who want to make a trial before a surgical rhinoplasty operation.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Benefits

• Since it is an incisionless procedure, it is painless and does not contain possible surgical complications. • It helps you gain a new profile with small touches. • It is a practical application that takes an average of 10 minutes. Nasal curvature is camouflaged or alleviated • Nose tip is removed • Defects resulting from surgical rhinoplasty can be corrected • Nasal back can be straightened and put into a straight form. • Nose-forehead, nose-lips and nose wing images can be made aesthetically pleasing. • By relieving the valve angle, which is the narrowest air passage section in the nose, more comfortable breathing and a functional solution can be provided.

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Cosmetic Surgery Turkey