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    Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty); It is usually done to correct the shape of the nose, appearance for cosmetic purposes. It is also a process that can be performed for functional purposes and also to improve respiratory functions. Deformities that cause cosmetic and functional problems in the nose; congenital or acquired (trauma, accident). Aesthetic Surgery Istanbul.

    Cosmetic Surgery Istanbul

    Who Can Have Rhinoplasty Surgery? • People who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose Traumatic nasal deformity due to trauma Congenital nasal deformity People who have trouble breathing through the nose Some people with sleep apnea and snoring How Is Nose Aesthetic Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Performed? Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty); It is a type of surgery that can be performed with both local anesthesia (without full sleep) and general anesthesia. However, general anesthesia is generally preferred for patient comfort. Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty) is performed in operating room conditions by a qualified surgeon. Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty); indoor and outdoor. Closed technique; It is a method in which all incisions made during the surgery are left inside the nose and leave no traces outside. In this method, there are no scars other than the nose and the healing process is usually shorter than the open technique. In the open technique, most of the incisions are inside the nose, but a small incision is made between the two nostrils in the column structure that supports the nose, called columella. This external incision usually heals in the best way within months and there is no visible scar from the outside. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages compared to each other. In closed technique; there is no visible scar and less edema. Generally, recovery is faster in the postoperative period. However, correcting the deformity of patients with severe nasal deformity may be insufficient. In open technique; A small incision is made at the tip of the nose that is visible from the outside. Post-operative edema may occur. However, it is more advantageous to treat nasal deformities than the closed technique. The duration of the operation; It usually takes about 1-3 hours, depending on the severity of the deformity and the technique chosen. How was the Nose Aesthetic Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Determined in the Open / Closed Technique Selection? In determining the surgical technique to be performed; It is important that the surgeon and the patient are in good communication. At the surgeon's decision stage; The patient should analyze the patient well, inform the patient well within the framework of information and understand the patient's complaints, wishes and concerns. The patient should communicate their complaints and concerns well, and pay attention to the technical details simplified by the surgeon. When the doctor and patient are sure they understand each other well, they can end the decision-making process. Surgeons' approach is usually to solve the problem with minimal light intervention. Therefore, closed technique may be preferred in mild cases with severe deformity. However, we can say that the open technique is advantageous in cases where the closed technique is insufficient, especially in the form of nasal tip deformities. An important factor in the technique to be chosen is the way the surgeon is trained and the technique he feels comfortable with. Good surgeons use both techniques when appropriate. What should be considered after Rhinoplasty Surgery? Click for Cosmetic surgery istanbul. Before rhinoplasty surgery, your responsible surgeon will order some tests to determine if you are suitable for surgery. With these tests, the decision of the surgery can be made after you understand your condition. However, it is important that people who will undergo surgery pay attention to certain points before surgery. You should not use any painkillers for at least 10 days before the surgery, especially if the salicylate (aspirin, ecopirin, etc.) group is about to get into trouble. Natural supplements such as herbal tea, energy drink, and blood thinning properties of consumable products should be discontinued before the surgery. The menstrual cycles of female patients can also have an impact on the amount of bleeding and this should be taken into account when planning the operation date. In preparation for anesthesia, the evening before the operation, food and fluid intake should be stopped as requested by your doctor. What should be considered after Rhinoplasty Surgery? When you leave the nose aesthetic surgery, there will be a light plastic mold in our nose, which we call a splint that preserves the shape of the nose. This splint will be removed at the end of the first week. There are silicone tubes in the nose that provide the nasal opening. These tubes are usually drawn on the 3rd day. Retraction of these tubes is, contrary to popular belief, an easy and painless procedure. If you have been operated with an open technique and there are sutures to be removed at the tip of the nose, these are usually removed on the 5th day. Putting your head higher than your heart level during the first week after surgery will help you resolve your payment faster. After this operation, it will be appropriate not to sleep on your face for about 1 month and not to wear glasses for 3 months. Blood thinners such as aspirin should not be used in the early postoperative period, especially during the first 10 days. Smoking is not recommended in terms of wound healing quality as in all areas. After taking the silicone tubes into the nose on the 3rd day, you will be asked to wash your nose with pomade and washing solutions prescribed by your doctor. This washing and care will take approximately 10 days. Click to search for Cosmetic surgery istanbul.

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